Safe MMA Events: Weekend Update

Three promoters have undertaken medical clearance through Safe MMA for shows this weekend in the United Kingdom and in Ireland.

Tonight’s BCMMA 17 in Colchester, Essex, features 8 professional competitors, cleared to Safe MMA’s minimum standard through blood tests and medical examinations:

Benjamin Deller-Smith
Danny Joel
Dylan Sheehan
Ella Wu
Emrah Sonmez
Michael Jones
Sean Carter
Wendy Mckenna

BCMMA works with the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UKMMAF) as its regulatory advisor.

Clan Wars 26 in Belfast,  Northern Ireland, features 2 professional competitors medically cleared to Safe MMA’s minimum standard ahead of tomorrow’s show on 4th December. Overseen by the  Ulster Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association (UAMMAA), the medical paperwork of Amateur competitors is handled internally at this time.

Professional Safe MMA clear competitors are:

Daniel Rutkowski
Dylan Logan

Meanwhile, MFC 1 in the Republic of Ireland is required to meet higher medical standards as set by regional governing body, the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association, with all Amateurs required to achieve minimum Safe MMA clearance though blood tests and annual medicals.

The all Amateur card has been confirmed as medically approved for tonight’s event, with the following fighters featured:

Dawid Wiśnios
Fabrizio Malizia
Gary Coffey
Grzegorz Konopa
Lukasz Slawata
Mikey Finn
Paulius Zabinskas
Philip Kroupa
PJ Cunningham
Richie Stack
Szczepan Ziolkowski
Waldemar Cichy

Last weekend on 27 November, 4 professional competitors were medically cleared by Safe MMA to compete at Akuma FC 9 in Northern Ireland; with Amateurs required to submit medical paperwork locally to the Ulster Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association. Safe MMA approved the following fighters:

Adam Gustab
Niall Smith
Paul Lawrence
Steve Owens


(London. 28 November 2016) SAFEMMA IRELAND has today made the following recommendation for Amateur MMA competitors in Ireland.From January 2017, in order to compete at SAFEMMA IRELAND approved events, amateurs should require a one-off normal MRI brain scan, in order to detect any pre-existing brain conditions.The reasons for the recommendation are as follows:

1.  Safety value and potential to reduce risk by identifying young fighters at high risk

2.  Data obtained from the first 75 MRI/MRAs in professional fighters, which led to significant rate of referrals for expert review

SAFEMMA IRELAND’s Professor Dan Healy has provided the following advice to competitors:

“An MRI brain scan in Ireland costs €200-250.  It can be ordered by your GP. Your GP will also recommend the best centre depending on locality and cost. We recognise that this is a lot of money for young Irishmen and Irishwomen. We apologise for this. This scan needs only to be done once.””SAFEMMA Ireland is a totally voluntary project. Our sole motive is to make MMA safer. No doctor takes fees or expenses, or any other benefit, directly or indirectly.”

SAFE MMA UK requirements in the United Kingdom remain unchanged at this time.



  • 22 – 26 NOVEMBER

Safe MMA has medically cleared 151 international, Amateur MMA competitors to compete in the 2016 IMMAF European Open Championships, which takes place at the Arena Sparta in Prague, Czech Republic from 22 – 26 November.

All competitors for the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation tournament have undergone blood tests and annual medical examinations, which have been subject to independent clearance by the volunteer led medical organisation. Any athletes who have been KOed or have received head trauma during the bouts will be referred by the post-fight examining doctor for mandatory CT scans of the brain.

IMMAF is also separately carrying out World Anti-doping Agency compliant, Anti-doping tests at the event.

See below for the full list of athletes who have been medically cleared to compete at the 2016 IMMAF European Open Championships.

For further information about the event, visit immaf.org

Albania Ermal Hadribeaj
Austria Damian Visenjak
Austria Florian Aberger
Austria Shamil Muradov
Azerbaijan Sanan Safarli
Azerbaijan Tural Azayev
Bahrain Abdulla Alfayez
Bahrain Hamza Zrira
Bahrain Hussain Abdulla
Bulgaria Aleksandra Toncheva
Bulgaria Atanas Krastanov
Bulgaria Daniel Galabarov
Bulgaria Ferdun Osmanov
Bulgaria Nikolay Nikolov
Bulgaria Rostislav Raichev
Bulgaria Tencho Karaenev
Bulgaria Valeri Atanasov
Bulgaria Yuksel Yusein
Canada Ben Fouladi

Czech Republic

David Velisek

Czech Republic

Jakub Podpěra

Czech Republic

Jan Kralik

Czech Republic

Jan Vaclavek

Czech Republic

Pavel Salčák

Czech Republic

Pavel Simandl

Czech Republic

Premysl Kucerka

Czech Republic

Robert Voves

Czech Republic

Tomas Fiala
Estonia Helin Paara
Estonia Jaak Rudov
Estonia Kaupo Kokamägi
Finland Anette Österberg
Finland Chamia Chabbi
Finland Eemil Kurhela
Finland Iris Nihti
Finland Jaakko Honkasalo
Finland Joel Arolainen
Finland Juho Laitinen
Finland Kerttu Kouki


Finland Kevin Nieminen
Finland Matias Anttila
Finland Mika Kallio
Finland Niko Skonbäck
Finland Tommi Leinonen
France Allan Guichard
France Henri Dimitri


Dominik Krüger


Julia Dorny


Pascal Hintzen


Patrick Drescher


Sebastian Otto


Alexandra Kovacs


Attila Cziffra


Balázs Böröcz


Bence Novotny


Fatime Nánási


László Lévai
Iceland Birgir Tómasson
Iceland Bjarni Kristjánsson
Iceland Bjartur Guõlaugsson
Iceland Bjorn Thorleifsson
Iceland Dagmar Hrund Sigurleifsdottir
Iceland Egill Hjördísarson
Iceland Magnús Ingvarsson
Iceland Olafsson Hrolfur
Ireland Alexander O’Sullivan
Ireland Austin Lynch
Ireland Colin Meagher
Ireland Danni Neilan
Ireland David Fogarty
Ireland Dylan Kennedy
Ireland John Byrne
Ireland Lee Hammond
Ireland Mark Gallivan
Ireland Meagan O’Loughlin
Ireland Ryan Spillane
Ireland Tadhg Dixon
Italy Alessio Cocco
Italy Andrea Chiappi
Italy Arziko Bregu
Italy Daniele Dell’otto
Italy Francesco Spinola
Italy Gianluigi Ventoruzzo
Italy Ilaria Norcia
Italy Marco Zannetti
Italy Michele Martignoni
Italy Paolo Anastasi
Kazakhstan Berik Shinaliyev
Lebanon Chaddad Alexandre
Lebanon Eli Zgheib

Northern Ireland

Gerard Corr

Northern Ireland

Jack Corr

Northern Ireland

Pearce McFall
Norway Berat Berisha
Norway Camilla Mannes
Norway Dilan Muhammad
Norway Jørgen Indsetviken
Norway Kim Andreas Zachariassen
Norway Markus Hægland
Norway Nashwan Aziz
Pakistan Abbas Khan
Poland Marcin Kalata
Poland Pawel Zakrzewsk
Portugal Gonçalo Formiga
Portugal Milton Mateus
Romania Ion Grigore
Romania Iorga Cristian
Romania Raluca Dinescu
Russia Rashad Aliev
Russia Svetlana Kotova
Russia Ziyad Sadaily
South Africa Riyaad Pandy
Spain Alex Garcia Gurpegui
Spain Alvaro Gomez Aragón
Spain Carlos Ibañez Aguayo
Spain Sergio Hortelano Rodríguez
Sweden Carl-Johan Hoel
Sweden Cornelia Holm
Sweden Daniel Schalander


Dennis Ryden


Gabriella Ringblom


Heytham Rabhi


Hoger Salih


Irman Smajic


Renato Vidovic


Robin Enontekiö


Robin Larsson


Rostam Akman


Serdar Altas


Tobias Harila
UK Alex Elsey
UK George Mcmanus
UK Jack Antony Flanagan
UK Jack Dean Culshaw
UK Joanne Doyle
UK Joe Millward
UK Joshua Jay Mottram
UK Kierandip Sahota
UK Milad Ahady
UK Navid Rostaie
UK Tom Crosby


Alexander Shein


Levan Mirtskhulava


Oleh Hliantsev


Roman Kolotvin


Vitalii Shostak


Vladislav Kurash
USA Carlos Castro
USA David Evans
USA Gustavo Gomez
USA Orlando Jimenez







(London.12th November.2016) Cage Warriors has raised the level in its medical safety criteria for CW Unplugged. Athlete clearance for tonight’s event in the BT Studio in London has seen its MMA competitors required to meet enhanced medical standards.

Cage Warriors is one of the founding members of Safe MMA and has since January 2013 required its athletes to be independently, medically cleared by the organisation. Medical clearance requirements have previously included annual medical examinations, tests for blood borne viruses as well as pre and post-match examinations, to which Cage Warriors has now added specialist eye-tests.

In addition to this, all CW Unplugged competitors have undergone mandatory brain scans in order to participate in tonight’s show.

‘CW Unplugged’ will provide the warm-up act for BT Sport’s live broadcast of the historic UFC 205, as UFC debuts in New York in the most talked about MMA event of the year.

For more information about CW Unplugged visit https://twitter.com/CageWarriors

The full list of competitors medically cleared by Safe MMA to compete for CW Uplugged are as follows:

Chris Fishgold
Ché Mills
John Redmond
Julian Erosa
Karl Moore
Kenneth Bergh
Leeroy Barnes
Lloyd Manning
Matt Inman
Nathan Sparks
Nic Herron-Webb
Paco Estevez
Patrick Pimblett
Ross Cooper
Sam Creasey
Shajidul Haque


Chaos FC 16: Pro Competitors are SafeMMA Clear

The two professional competitors for Chaos FC 16 in Northern Ireland have been medically cleared to compete by Safe MMA – Gavin Kelly and Sean Tobin. The event takes place at Longtower Community Centre in Derry tomorrow night, 12th November.

Chaos FC is working with the Ulster Amateur MMA Association, which manages the medical clearance of Amateur level competitors locally at this time.

For more information about Chaos FC 16, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1138944396213171/


18 Amateurs Cleared for West Cage FC 6 in Ireland

18 Amateur MMA competitors for West Cage Fighting Championship 6 have been medically approved to compete by Safe MMA.

The event takes place tonight (5th November) in the Republic of Ireland in Galway. West Cage FC is committed to the guidelines set by the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association (IMMAA) that all Amateurs must meet Safe MMA minimum medical clearance criteria. For details visit: https://safemma.org/about/

See below for the full list of MMA athletes medically approved to compete at West Cage FC 6 by SafeMMA:

Alan Zimny
Andreeas Binder
Darren Martin Kirwan
Dawid Wiśnios
Eoin Kilbane
Gary Mannion
Gearóid McDonagh
Jason Quinn
Mateusz Kopyto
Michael Prendergast
Nikola Ivanovic
Ollie Mannion
Padriag Hannon
Pawel Politylo
PJ Cunningham
Richie Stack
Szczepan Ziolkowski
Szymon Kozak

For further event information visit WCFC on Facebook




(London.28th October.2016) Cage Legacy Fighting Championship 1 continues the outstanding progress made by Irish clubs and promotions in upholding the new benchmark for medical clearance of professional athletes in MMA.

For tonight’s event at the TLT Theatre in Drogheda, Cage Legacy has voluntarily worked to adhere to the guidelines of the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association and its medical arm, Safe MMA -Ireland in requiring all its professional competitors to undergo MRI/ MRAs of the brain and neck as well as specialist eye-tests. All competitors on the card (including Amateurs) have will have undergone annual medical examinations and tests for blood borne viruses, verified independently by Safe MMA.

John Kavanagh, President of the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association, said:

”As president of IMMAA I would like to personally congratulate Declan and the crew at Cage Legacy for their absolute commitment to fighter safety. I’m sure it’ll be an excellent night of exciting fights and serve as a great example to the smaller shows how to work with both Safe MMA and IMMAA in order to get their show recognised at the highest levels. Well done guys!’
Safe MMA-Ireland founder, International Mixed Martial Arts Federation medical committee chairman and consultant neurologist, Professor Dan Healy, said:

“On behalf of Safe MMA and IMMAF, we thank the organisers for tremendous sub rosa efforts putting fighter safety as first priority. This includes proper annual pre-fight medicals, blood tests and formal eye tests and MRI scans for professional bouts. Once again muintir h’Ealaíona Comhraic Measctha na hÉireann demonstrate that professionalism in the staging of events can match the professionalism of the young men and women that compete.”

Safe MMA issued the following statement:

“The Cage Legacy team has set a commendable example in its commitment and above-and-beyond approach to ensuring all competitors meet Safe MMA-Ireland clearance criteria. Following the very high standard set recently by Battlezone, Cage Legacy continues the outstanding progress made by local Irish clubs. As Cage Legacy will be the first local MMA promoter to host professional bouts under Ireland’s enhanced medical requirements, the promotion has worked extremely hard to get its fight card over the line, from submitting it’s initial card 4 months in advance of the event to demonstrating an unerring commitment to safety in the face of various challenges. There is a lot of work that goes into the medical clearance of competitors in the run up to an event, and the Cage Legacy team has been incredibly pro-active and engaged with Safe MMA throughout. We would like to thank Cage Legacy for setting a standard and also its fighters, coaches and managers who have complied to make this a success.”

See below for the full list of  the 20 Professional and Amateur competitors who have been SafeMMA and SafeMMA+ cleared to compete at Cage Legacy 1:

Adam Nowak
Alexander Yankov
Austin Lynch
Ciara Murphy
Ciarán Clarke
David Murphy
Declan Dalton
Dylan Kennedy
Jack Monahan
John Mitchell
Keith O’Rulligan
Kieran Pepper
Makinde Adeyemi
Matthew Whyte
Michael McCoy
Michal Vojtanic
Niall Branigan
Niyi Behan
Peter Queally
Pádraig Magee
Roger Kennedy
Rosa Walsh

For ticket information for tonight’s show visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/248506652193873/