KSW 40

KSW 40: Competitor Clearance Status

KSW 40 takes place in Dublin this Sunday at the 3 Arena. The Polish promotion has been working with Safe MMA to implement the Safe MMA Plus level of clearance as required by the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association.

Safe MMA Plus clearance requires MRI/ MRAs of the brain and neck and dilated eye pupil tests, as well as annual medical examinations and blood tests.

As of Friday 20 October at 7:00pm, please see below the current medical clearance status of the competitors for KSW 40 with one case still under review.

Safe MMA Approved

Antun Račić
Ariane Lipski
Chris Fields
David Zawada
Konrad Iwanowski
Lukasz Chlewicki
Maciej Jewtuszko
Mariana Morais
Mariusz Pudzianowski
Mateusz Gamrot
Michał Fijałka
Michał Materla
Norman Parke
Paul Lawrence
Paul Redmond
Paulo Thiago
Paweł Polityło


James McSweeney

See here for the full Public List of Safe MMA Clear fighters: https://safemma.org/safe-mma-fighters-list/

Cage Warriors 87

Cage Warriors 87: 20 Professional Fighters Medically Cleared

Cage Warriors 87 took place at the Newport Centre in Wales last night (14.10.17)  with all 20 professional fighters medically cleared to compete by SafeMMA.

Working in accordance with the SafeMMA Plus standard, all competitors undertook dilated pupil eye tests and brain scans, in addition to annual medical examinations and blood tests, as listed below:

Aaron Khalid
Aiden Lee
Bryan Creighton
Cornelia Holm
Cosmin Tutu
Craig White
Diana Filipa
Jack Shore
Josh Ellis
Kris Edwards
Lawrence Tracey
Lewis Long
Ludovít Klein
Mason Jones
Matt Inman
Mattia Galbiati
Richard Williams
Roberto Soldić
Ross Houston
Shaun Luther

For information about Cage Warriors visit cagewarriors.com

CRC 6: Pro’s & Amateurs Medically Cleared to Compete

Cage Ring Championship presents a Safe MMA Plus clear fight night at CRC 6 tonight in Ireland, featuring 4 professional fighters and 10 amateurs.

CRC 6: “Vengeance Grand Prix” takes place at the Wright Venue in Dublin, Ireland, with the following Safe MMA green lit competitors on the card:

Dylan Logan
Jonathan Reid
Paweł Polityło
Thomas Moore

Adam Nowak
Andreeas Binder
Colin Meagher
Dawid Wiśnios
Fionn Healy-Magwa
Kenny Mokhonoana
Michael McCoy
Ronan Butler
Stephen Costello
Stuart Mulpeter

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Cage Warriors 86

Safe MMA Approves Cage Warriors 86 Card

Cage Warriors 86 took place last night (16 September) at the Indigo at the O2 in London, with all competitors medically approved by Safe MMA.

Cage Warriors requires its fighters to submit brain scans and dilated pupil eye tests, in addition to basic Safe MMA stipulations for medical examinations and blood tests.

See below for the list of competitors medically cleared to compete at Cage Warriors 86:

Adel Ghaddou
Alex Thorne
Arvydas Jûska
Brian Bouland
Darren O’Gorman
Eric Nolan
Håkon Foss
Jamie Richardson
Joe McColgan
Josh Reed
Junior Karanta
Maciej Gierszewski
Marcus Paul
Mehdi Saadi
Nathaniel Wood
Paul Marin
Sam Creasey
Sean Carter

For more information about Cage Warriors go to cagewarriors.com


BAMMA 31 Approved by Safe MMA

Fighters for BAMMA 31 were confirmed as medically approved to compete by SafeMMA ahead of last night’s show at the SSE Arena, Wembley in London.

All competitors underwent brain scans and dilated pupil eye tests in addition to the basic SafeMMA requirements.

See below for the list of competitors:

Aaron Chalmers
Alex Lohore
Alex Montagnani
Alex Thompson
Charlie-Boy Howard
Damien Lapilus
Daniel Crawford
David Khalsa
James Reedman
Javid Basharat
Liam Davies
Martin Hudson
Michael Shipman
Nathan Jones
Nathan Rose
Ollie Mathis
Tanvir Boora
Tommy King
Tony Hall
Yannick Bahati

For information about BAMMA visit bamma.com

IMMAF Africa Open

Safe MMA Approves Competitors for 2017 IMMAF Africa Open

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation hosts its boutique 2017 IMMAF Africa Open Championships this week in Johannesburg, with the two day tournament rescheduled to commence tomorrow at the Brakpan Indoor Sports Arena. The event is hosted and organised by Mixed Martial Arts South Africa.

Safe MMA has this evening confirmed as medically approved, the international roster listed below for competition.

Five countries are represented in the event held to support the development of Amateur MMA in the region and provide international competition locally: DR Congo, South Africa, India, Russia and Bahrain.

Team Bahrain will be looking to make an impact and score some points in the IMMAF Amateur MMA Rankings ahead of Bahrain’s hosting of the flagship 2017 IMMAF World Championships in Manama this November. The larger scale event has received 350+ intents to compete, while official registration is now open.

Safe MMA Approved Competitors for the 2017 IMMAF Africa Open:

Hamza Zrira (Bahrain)
Hussain Abdulla (Bahrain)
Nayef Fikri (Bahrain)
Eliezer Kubanza (DR Congo)
Musa Raish (India)
Suhaib Logde (India)
Vikram M N (India)
Abdulmanap Magomedov (Russia)
Gamzat Magomedov (Russia)
Ramazan Gitinov (Russia)
Daniel Duda (South Africa)
Dimitri Fogg (South Africa)
Frikkie Bendeman (South Africa)
Katiso Matime (South Africa)
Nkosi Ndebele (South Africa)
Riyaad Pandy (South Africa)
Shaun Joubert (South Africa)
Sheldon James Victor (South Africa)
Wade Kerspuy (South Africa)

For more information about IMMAF Championship events go to: http://www.immaf.org/immaf-events/