(London.11th May 14) Safe MMA and the UK Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UKMMAF) are proud to be working with Leicester based promotion, FIGHT UK, as it becomes the latest show to join Safe MMA ahead of its historic 7th June event: The amateur fight night, ‘Last Man Standing’, will see FIGHT UK become the first promotion to work in partnership with the UKMMAF towards becoming a fully sanctioned show.

The UKMMAF recognises the good practice carried out by numerous UK promoters and initially will work in collaboration with them to evolve their shows’ practices to the highest standard. Such partnerships will equally help evolve UKMMAF sanctioning operations and services that can best meet the needs of UK promotions, ahead of the launch of formal sanctioning at the end of the year.

FIGHT UK promoters, Alistair Pettitt, David Ross and Ian Cox issued the following statement:

“Since preliminary discussions with the UKMMAF board in 2013, we are very pleased that the UKMMAF are now in a position to begin implementing sanctioning requirements on FIGHT UK events.

Starting with our show on June 7th, all future events will be under the guidance of the UKMMAF. Furthermore, by the end of 2014 we hope to have satisfied their criteria to be granted a full UKMMAF license. This is an exciting time not only for FIGHT UK but also for the future of MMA in the UK.

FIGHT UK are firm advocates of transparency and accountability, With UKMMAF licensing controls this can be achieved and the sport of MMA can take further steps to being recognised as a legitimate sport here in the UK.

Naturally medical safety requirements are standard procedure for the UKMMAF so we are also pleased to now also be registered as a SAFE MMA promotion. Growing the sport from the grass roots has always been the number one driver here at FIGHT UK, so now the steps are in place to educate all at the start of their journey in to MMA.”

UKMMAF Interim Board Member and FIGHT UK Referee, Leon Roberts, said:

“Alistair and the guys at FIGHT UK always manage their shows in a very professional manner with thorough and complete attention to detail. It is a pleasure to work on their promotion and I am pleased that the UKMMAF has selected them to be the first UK based show to partner on sanctioning with the newly formed governing body.  I am sure that this will develop into a positive working relationship over the coming months. In my opinion FIGHT UK is a leading promotion in amateur MMA in this country and very worthy of being the flag bearer for UKMMAF.”

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For further information regarding Fight UK MMA events and news, please contact

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