Thursday 26th February

Institute of Sport, Exercise & Health, 170 Tottenham Court Road, London (UK)

In Attendance:

Safe MMA

Dr Jack Kreindler  (Board member)
Professor Dan Healy  (Board member/ SafeMMA Ireland)
John Gooden  (Board member)
Simon Rushton (Board member)
Ian Dean  (Member promotion, Cage Warriors)
Izzy Carnwath  (Safe MMA  volunteer, administration)
Yoni Gottileb     (Safe MMA record keeper)
Doctor Safiyah Ahsan  (Safe MMA volunteer)


Oner   (My Next Match – Medical Passport Software developer)
Fabrizio Fenoglio  (My Next Match – Medical Passport Software developer)
Densign White (IMMAF CEO)
Joe Clifford (Irish Cutman)
Chamatkar Sandhu  ( volunteer)
Max Shepherd (UKMMAF Legal Advisor)
Ben Crighton (Medical researcher)
Alistair Pettitt (UKMMAF Promotions Liaison)
Phil Watson (Paramedic, Medical Solutions)
Phil MacKenzie (journalist, Bloody Elbow)


Marc Goddard  (Board member)
Dr. Maeve Rodgers (Board member)
Dr. Mike Loosemore (Board member)
Jude Samuel (Member Promotion, BAMMA)


  1. John Gooden: Introduction and 2014 General Overview  (See below)
    2. Annual Review in Numbers by Dr. Kreindler.
    3. Questions
    4. MyNextMatch: Medical Passport Software presentation
    5. SafeMMAItems for Discussion

Safe MMA Operations:

  • In 2014 the operational processes have been fine-tuned in the registration phase
  •  Fighters on Safe MMA shows are accepting Safe MMA registration as part of the process now
  • A Medical Professionals Focus Group in Feb 2014 fine-tuned the Annual Medical, set standardised Suspension Guidelines and detailed further medical guidelines added to the Agreement document
  • New promotions joined in  2014 including AON, Fight UK, Battlezone with more enquiries coming in now particularly from Ireland under John Kavanagh and Dan Healy’s influence
  • Safe MMA continued to expand medical network. There are now two walk in clinics in Liverpool and Manchester  (Pall Mall Medical Centres) offering the same packages and turnaround as CHHP


  •          In 2014 the UKMMAF began its shadow-sanctioning program, working in partnership with promotions towards sanctioning. Meeting Safe MMA criteria forms part of UKMMAF sanctioning criteria
  •         There was an early discussion (in 2012) between Safe MMA founders and UKMMAF about the two organisations eventually merging. In 2014 the founding promotions voted with their feet with not all joining UKMMAF. This has led to Safe MMA maintaining its independence as a separate organisation, an independent medical advisory to the UKMMAF as well as to other parties
  •         There has been a back and forth with the UFC, and the proposal of an enhanced level Safe MMA membership which would allow UFC in the UK to join Safe MMA without lowering its medical standards. Meanwhile, the UFC is also working with the UKMMAF towards being sanctioned in the UK.
  •          CHHP and Pall Mall Medical Centres are already offering UFC Fighter Medical packages, and Safe MMA has been contacted on a number of occasions by UFC to refer fighters  through its network for medical examinations
  •          There has been a demand for Safe MMA from a number of countries under the International MMA Federation which currently don’t have set medical criteria, including Poland, Romania, New Zealand, South Africa and India
  •         IMMAF is communicating with Safe MMA doctors about a) forming an independent international medical committee under the Safe MMA banner b) about offering Safe MMA guidelines and services to other IMMAF countries
  •          Dr Loosemore has been involved in developing a Medical Passport Software for Safe MMA and Amateur boxing, to be piloted in the UK with sign off from the Safe MMA Board. Oner is here from Next Match to present this software this evening. In follow up to a successful UK pilot, IMMAF is committed to offering the software to its member federations as part of Safe MMA services
  •          Other notable events include a recent Free Injuries in MMA Seminar day hosted, generously funded and organised by Professor Dan Healy in Ireland with support from coach John Kavanagh. With MMA injuries as a political hot topic, on Saturday 24th January, Safe MMA-Ireland’s Professor Dan Healy funded and hosted a free “Preventing Injuries in MMA” event for fighters and coaches, in collaboration with John Kavanagh. The event, which took place at the eminent Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin attracted an estimated audience of 300-400 fighters and coaches; and featured experts covering a range of fighter injury related topics. The political highlight was a brief talk by Senator Catherine Noone.  Having recently called for a ban on MMA in the Republic of Ireland she had been approached by Dan Healy and John Kavanagh, who had taken time to educate her about the sport and invited her down to the event. While she maintained there were risks in MMA, she acknowledged there were risks in all sports and pledged to back the regulation of MMA in parliament.
  •          Dr Loosemore has been working on cageside care course for medical professionals which should be available later this year


  •        It was on the Agenda after the last AGM that the Safe MMA Board should be expanded. However at the start of 2014 it was not clear if Safe MMA would remain an independent organisation or be working towards a merger with the UKMMAF.  It is now clear that Safe MMA needs to expand and establish a strong, active Board to enable it grow, improve its services, fulfil its functions and increase revenue so that it is self-sufficient and less reliant on CHHP subsidisation.
  •         Developments with the UFC, UKMMAF,  international expansion and perhaps MyNextMatch software will contribute to this growth
  •         We are pleased to welcome Simon Rushton to the Safe MMA Board, who has been a long time volunteer to Safe MMA. He will be the main support contact for promotions and will be working to develop services and on fundraising and IT.
  •         We are also in talks with a volunteer project manager with a background in NHS Project Management to oversee the business development side
  •          We are keen to have recommendations to the Board of individual who have time to give and who can offer needed skills in the areas such as funding and finances

SAFE MMA in 2014 in Numbers [Download Powerpoint Presentation]: SafeMMA AGM summary 2014

  • It was raised again by Phil Watson of Medical Solutions whether Safe MMA should be managing a database of approved and accredited medical professionals which professionals pay to join up to. It was answered that we provide guidelines to promoters and point them towards medical professionals and registers (e.g. GMC) but do not have the administrative infrastructure/ manpower to establish our own inspection and vetting system this at this time
  • A new on the spot, £10 HIV test was raised by Phil Watson of Medical Solutions. Safe MMA is open to looking at this but is wary that there could be logistical as well as medical implications
  • It was asked if Safe MMA will be concerning itself with PEDS. This again was referred to the UKMMAF as a regulation rather than medical issue
  • Safe MMA needs to develop its business structure, planning and outreach. This will necessarily follow on from expansion and structuring of the Board to enable implementation of planning
  • MyNextMatch includes a digital Medical Passport database that is under construction. It would allow for all Safe MMA fighters’ annual, and pre/ post fight medical data to be stored and accessible from one place. It would enable cageside doctors to view a fighter’s medical history from portable devices at events, including injury suspension and concussion history. Other features of the  software include a proposed member management system and social media platform.
  • It is clarified that MyNextMatch has been working with Mike Loosemore but has not been officially endorsed by Safe MMA Board at this time
  • MyNextMatch is working with UKMMAF on a pilot re. the Member Management aspects. Based on a successful pilot IMMAF would like to offer the service to other countries’ federations
  • It is discussed that the security level isn’t in place at this time for it to be used by Safe MMA anytime soon for its medical passport aspects
  • It is agreed that MyNextMatch can be of benefit to Safe MMA and it is worth investing time into working with MyNextMatch on on its development
  • MyNextMatch will need to work closely with Yoni, Dr Jack and Simon Rushton to ensure that proper security is developed and that the passport elements will fulfil functions as required by Safe MMA

The AGM ran overtime and the following discussion points below were not reached. Dedicated meetings are to be scheduled for Board and members to address these items in April:

  • Review of Safe MMA Pre/ Post -Fight Medical Examinations
  • Amateur Medical Criteria
  • Introduction of one-off CRY test for competitors

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