(London.10th August.15)  Safe MMA has announced the disbanding of its founding board, as it reforms solely as a non-profit and volunteer led medical advisory group and service provider.

The move sees Safe MMA UK defer to the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UKMMAF) Board for leadership from within the UK MMA community. It will continue with its functions as a medical advisory to the UKMMAF Board and Committees, as well as a medical service provider to promoters and registered athletes.

The Safe MMA doctors group will continue its ongoing review work and will continue to hold periodical Medical Focus Groups. Any doctor with experience in the provision of medical care within mixed martial arts is invited to apply to join the peer group.

The restructure comes at logical point in time as the UKMMAF continues to expand its very active interim board and committees, and has made significant progress in establishing the core foundations of a governing body for the sport. The UKMMAF also won the rights for the United Kingdom to host the upcoming IMMAF European Open Championships of Amateur MMA from 19th – 22nd November in Birmingham. The UKMMAF will be the sanctioning organisation for the international tournament, which will be broadcast post-event on UFC FIGHT PASS and international television.

Safe MMA founder and international referee Marc Goddard continues to sit on the UKMMAF Board alongside medical representative, Dr. Maeve Rodgers. Newest Safe MMA Board Member, Simon Rushton, will join the UKMMAF Sanctioning Committee as Safe MMA events liaison for member promoters. The first democratic, member elections for UKMMAF Board Directors are set to take place in 2016.

Medical advice and proposed developments will be communicated to UKMMAF promoters via the UKMMAF, and promoters will be consulted via periodical promoters’ focus groups.

Safe-MMA Ireland and existing member promotions that are not affiliated with the UKMMAF will continue in their existing relationship with Safe MMA as a non- profit, service provider.

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