Safe MMA to Provide Medical Clearance Services for IMMAF European Championships

Safe MMA will be providing medical clearance services for the forthcoming IMMAF European Open Championships of Amateur MMA that takes place in the United Kingdom, 19 -22 November.

The international  Amateur MMA tournament organised by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) and commissioned by the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UKMMAF) will be held at Walsall Sports Centre at the University of Wolverhampton in Birmingham.

Under UKMMAF criteria, athletes must be independently medically cleared by the Safe MMA medical group in order to be approved to participate. Athletes will be required to pass a medical examination and submit clear blood test results for HIV, Hepatitis B and C as part of their application process.

All submitted medical paperwork will be handled by Safe MMA independently of the IMMAF administration to preserve medical confidentiality for athletes. Safe MMA will indicate medical clearance of athletes to IMMAF using a green light system, with no further information given.

The operations for the IMMAF European Championships will meet all other UKMMAF safety requirements, including doctor pre- and post-fight medicals and, of British referees and judges, only those that have passed UKMMAF certification courses. Medical suspensions will be databased and published post event by IMMAF and Safe MMA.

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