Over recent weeks, Safe MMA has been in close communication with the national governing bodies with which it works in Ireland and in the UK – the Irish Amateur Pankration Association (IAPA), the Ulster MMA Association (UAMMAA) and the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UKMMAF).
Safe MMA was founded at a time in which there were no governing bodies for MMA in the region. Founded charitably as a volunteer led, non-profit, medical advisory for the MMA community, firstly in the UK and then in Ireland, Safe MMA has successfully provided athlete pre-event medical clearance, advice and record keeping services for promotions in these regions. Safe MMA now also provides these services to the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation for IMMAF championship events worldwide.
Further to this, Safe MMA’s founding promotions agreed to meet a minimum standard of medical provision at events, including pre and post fight medical examinations, which became the Safe MMA minimum standard.
As the number of member promotions continues to rise and with the emergence of national governing bodies, Safe MMA would like to clarify its role in relation to advising on at-event standards:
1) Safe MMA does not inspect or sanction at-event standards
2) Over the past year national governing bodies have assumed the role of event sanctioning and inspection in all regions for promoters on a voluntary basis
3) National governing bodies have this year started to set their own medical standards for events which vary from region to region. There may develop further differences in protocol now under 3 different governments
4) As demand increases with a growing number of promoters affiliating, it is not possible for Safe MMA volunteers to monitor all events and ensure that advised onsite standards are met
Safe MMA has been meeting with representatives from the IAPA, UAMMAA and UKMMAF to review working processes and governance structures between parties; and likewise communicating with its independent stakeholders and promoters.
Safe MMA will continue to provide athlete medical clearance, athlete advice and record keeping services. It will continue to stipulate that partner promotions conduct pre and post fight medical examinations carried out by a doctor and that these along with medical suspensions are submitted to Safe MMA. However Safe MMA membership does not cover approval of onsite medical provision at events, and national governing bodies are now assuming this role.
To reflect this and to clarify the meaning of a) Safe MMA clearance and b) level of clearance, two new logos (illustrated below) are to be released for use by Safe MMA partner promotions at events:
SafeMMA_All Cleared_Logo           SafeMMA_Pros Cleared_Logo

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