Safe MMA has confirmed that all athletes for Cage Warriors 77 have been medically cleared to compete ahead of tonight’s show at the Camden Centre in London.

Cage Warriors has increased its athlete safety measures for this event, extending mandatory Safe MMA clearance to its Amateur competitors and foreign nationals.

Originally established for the wellbeing of professional competitors, Safe MMA criteria dictates that MMA fighters should pass annual medical examinations and tests for blood borne viruses (HIV, Hepatitis B and C) in order to compete on affiliated shows; and requires that promoters pledge to meet a basic minimum standard of onsite medical provision. Pre and Post bout medicals will be carried out by the event doctor, and reports and suspensions submitted post-event to Safe MMA.

The competitors that have been approved by Safe MMA for Cage Warriors 77 are as follows:

Adam Boussif (Pro)
Aiden Lee (Pro)
Boubacar Balde (Pro)
Chris Fishgold (Pro)
Christopher Jacquelin (Pro)
Darren Stewart (Pro)
Jack Marshman (Pro)
John Redmond (Pro)
Joshua Onwordi (Am)
Kingsley Crawford (Am)
Konmon Deh (Pro)
Mickey Miller (Pro)
Modestas Bukauskas (Pro)
Patrick Pimblett (Pro)
Scott Clist (Pro)
Teddy Violet (Pro)
Thomas Terdjman (Pro)
Tim Wilde (Pro)

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