Competitors Cleared for Celtic Gladiator Fight Night 1

Safe MMA has confirmed that eight Amateur MMA competitors competing at Celtic Gladiator Fight Night 1 have been medically cleared as fit to participate. The event takes place at CityNorth Hotel tomorrow, 23 July in Gormanston, Co. Meath, Ireland.

Safe MMA is an independent advisory and services provider that offers third party medical clearance for MMA competitors in the UK and Ireland. Under its minimum safety guidelines, participants are required to pass standardised annual medical examinations and tests for blood borne viruses (HIV, Hepatitis B and C) in order to compete. Post-bout medical suspensions issued by ringside doctors are also submitted to Safe MMA, so that they can be publically released and observed by supporting promoters. Pre and post bout medical examinations are also submitted for databasing.

Third party medical clearance by Safe MMA is a recommendation and requirement of the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association.

Competitors cleared to compete by Safe MMA for Celtic Gladiator 1 are as follows:

Adrian Elbert
Alex Kravtsov
Darren O’Brien
David Hill
Jack Maguire
Jack Monahan
Matiss Zaharovs
Tomás O’Dwyer

For more information about Celtic Gladiator please visit:
For a full up-to-date list of Safe MMA registered competitors in the UK and Ireland visit:

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