(London. 28 November 2016) SAFEMMA IRELAND has today made the following recommendation for Amateur MMA competitors in Ireland.From January 2017, in order to compete at SAFEMMA IRELAND approved events, amateurs should require a one-off normal MRI brain scan, in order to detect any pre-existing brain conditions.The reasons for the recommendation are as follows:

1.  Safety value and potential to reduce risk by identifying young fighters at high risk

2.  Data obtained from the first 75 MRI/MRAs in professional fighters, which led to significant rate of referrals for expert review

SAFEMMA IRELAND’s Professor Dan Healy has provided the following advice to competitors:

“An MRI brain scan in Ireland costs €200-250.  It can be ordered by your GP. Your GP will also recommend the best centre depending on locality and cost. We recognise that this is a lot of money for young Irishmen and Irishwomen. We apologise for this. This scan needs only to be done once.””SAFEMMA Ireland is a totally voluntary project. Our sole motive is to make MMA safer. No doctor takes fees or expenses, or any other benefit, directly or indirectly.”

SAFE MMA UK requirements in the United Kingdom remain unchanged at this time.

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