Safe MMA Events: Weekend Update

Three promoters have undertaken medical clearance through Safe MMA for shows this weekend in the United Kingdom and in Ireland.

Tonight’s BCMMA 17 in Colchester, Essex, features 8 professional competitors, cleared to Safe MMA’s minimum standard through blood tests and medical examinations:

Benjamin Deller-Smith
Danny Joel
Dylan Sheehan
Ella Wu
Emrah Sonmez
Michael Jones
Sean Carter
Wendy Mckenna

BCMMA works with the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UKMMAF) as its regulatory advisor.

Clan Wars 26 in Belfast,  Northern Ireland, features 2 professional competitors medically cleared to Safe MMA’s minimum standard ahead of tomorrow’s show on 4th December. Overseen by the  Ulster Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association (UAMMAA), the medical paperwork of Amateur competitors is handled internally at this time.

Professional Safe MMA clear competitors are:

Daniel Rutkowski
Dylan Logan

Meanwhile, MFC 1 in the Republic of Ireland is required to meet higher medical standards as set by regional governing body, the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association, with all Amateurs required to achieve minimum Safe MMA clearance though blood tests and annual medicals.

The all Amateur card has been confirmed as medically approved for tonight’s event, with the following fighters featured:

Dawid Wiśnios
Fabrizio Malizia
Gary Coffey
Grzegorz Konopa
Lukasz Slawata
Mikey Finn
Paulius Zabinskas
Philip Kroupa
PJ Cunningham
Richie Stack
Szczepan Ziolkowski
Waldemar Cichy

Last weekend on 27 November, 4 professional competitors were medically cleared by Safe MMA to compete at Akuma FC 9 in Northern Ireland; with Amateurs required to submit medical paperwork locally to the Ulster Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association. Safe MMA approved the following fighters:

Adam Gustab
Niall Smith
Paul Lawrence
Steve Owens

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