Competitors for Bellator 173 & BAMMA 28 get the Safe MMA green light

All 34 professional fighters competing on last night’s co-event in Belfast, Bellator 173 & BAMMA 28, had medical clearance from Safe MMA.

Besides requiring competitors to meet the basic Safe MMA requirements for medical examinations and blood tests, BAMMA and Bellator stipulated an enhanced clearance standard to include brain scans.

See below for the full list of Safe MMA clear competitors under the two promotions:

Bellator 173

Alex Lohore
Brett McDermott
Colin Fletcher
Iony Razafiarison
James Gallagher
James McErlean
Kirill Medvedovski
Liam McGeary
Shay Walsh
Sinead Kavanagh


Adam Gustab
Andrew Murphy
Andy Young
Damien Lapilus
Daniel Olejniczak
Daniel Rutkowski
Declan Dalton
Dominic Wooding
Glenn Irvine
Jai Herbert
Jonathan Brookins
Jonathan Reid
Keith McCabe
Kyle McClurkin
Niall Smith
Norman Parke
Paul Hughes
Paul Redmond
Rhys McKee
Ronnie Mann
Stephen Kilifin
Steve Owens
Tim Barnett
Will Fleury

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