ACB 54’s international card gets the Safe MMA Green Light

46 professional fighters have been approved by Safe MMA to compete at tonight’s Absolute Championship Berkut 54, as the Russian promotion returns to the UK.

The competitors showcased on ACB’s international card at the Manchester Arena were subject to medical examinations and blood tests for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. For more about ACB go to

See below for the full list of Safe MMA competitors on ACB 54:

Aaron Aby *Pro Wales
Adam Zajac *Pro Poland
Ali Bagov *Pro Russia
Amirkhan Adaev *Pro Russia
Andy DeVent *Pro England
Ashley Reece *Pro England
Aslambek Saidov *Pro Poland
Aurel Pirtea *Pro Romania
Azi Thomas *Pro Wales
Batraz Agnaev *Pro Russia
Brendan Loughnane *Pro England
Bubba Jenkins *Pro USA
Cal Ellenor *Pro England
Chris Bungard *Pro Scotland
Coner Hignett *Pro England
Danny Mitchell *Pro England
David Mitchell *Pro USA
Dean Garnett *Pro England
Declan Williams *Pro England
Eden Newton *Pro England
Gaz Corran *Pro England
Iain Feenan *Pro Scotland
Ibragim Chuzhigaev *Pro Russia
Ion Pascu *Pro Ireland
James Lewis *Pro England
Javonne Morrison *Pro England
Jenaid Ebanks *Pro England
Joshua Aveles *Pro USA
Kane Mousah *Pro England
Lewis Monarch *Pro England
Luke Barnatt *Pro England
Mamed Khalidov *Pro Poland
Marcin Prostko *Pro England
Max Nunes *Pro Sweden
Michael Tobin *Pro Australia
Michael Wilkinson *Pro England
Mukhumat Vakhaev *Pro Russia
Murad Kalamov *Pro Russia
Nam Phan *Pro USA
Niko Gjoka *Pro England
Rakhman Dzhanaev *Pro Russia
Rob Whiteford *Pro Scotland
Saul Rogers *Pro England
Shaun Hampton *Pro England
Shoaib Yousaf *Pro England
Tanner Boser *Pro Canada

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