Although Mixed Martial Arts is one of the world’s fastest growing sports, there is no medical regulation for the sport in Britain. With the number of gyms and promotions growing, increasing numbers of competitors are putting their health and safety at risk.

Formed in 2012, SafeMMA remains the first and only voluntary medical organisation set up for the protection and safety of the Mixed Martial Arts competitor in the UK & Ireland, with backing across promotions. Safe MMA today acts as an independent medical advisory and services provider to the later formed UK MMA Federation, the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association and the Ulster Amateur MMA Federation. It also now provides third-party, athlete medical clearances services to the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) for its championship events worldwide; and to promoters further afield.

Safe MMA addresses the issue of competitor safety practically and in the simplest way possible, with its system of standardised and voluntary, fighter medical clearance. A SafeMMA passport to compete includes:

  • A yearly medical
  • Six-monthly blood tests
  • Pre and post fight medicals
  • Confidential database for competitors’ well-being and current medical status
  • Member promotions only using athletes found within the registered database
  • Listed promotions upholding medically advised suspensions
  • Affordable cost: Not-for-Profit medically led project with specially negotiated blood test rates.
  • Access to sports based medical advice that fighters can trust


Housed at The Centre for Health and Human Performance at 76 Harley Street and ran on a not-for-profit basis, Safe MMA is headed by leading experts from the world of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Professor Greg Whyte is the preeminent authority on Physiology and Sports Performance in the UK. Alongside Clinical Director, Dr. Jack Kreindler, they specialise in optimising athletic performance for Olympic and extreme sports. CHHP at 76 Harley Street attracts a host of elite, international sports names. Other notable medical contributors and volunteers to the project include UKMMAF Board Director, Dr. Maeve Rodgers, and eminent neurologist, Professor Dan Healy.

Original founders from within the MMA community included promotions Cage Warriors and BAMMA, fighter Dr. Rosi Sexton, Internationally renowned referee Marc Goddard,  UFC commentator John Gooden and IMMAF Communications Director, Izzy Carnwath. Safe MMA Ireland was founded by competitor, Aisling Daly and Professor Dan Healy.

To register email: records@safemma.org 
For press or general enquiries email: press@safe-mma.co.uk

Centre of Health and Human Performance, 76 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HH | Email: records@safemma.org

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