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Cage Legacy

Cage Legacy 2: 20 competitors are Safe MMA Plus clear!

20 competitors were cleared to the Safe MMA Plus medical standard to appear at Cage Legacy 2 tonight.

With a card consisting of 2 professionals and 18 amateurs, Cage Legacy Fighting Championship 2 took place at TLT in East Coast Business Park, Drogheda, Ireland.

According to the guidelines of the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association and Safe MMA – Ireland, professional competitors underwent blood tests, medical examinations, specialist eye tests and brain scans. Meanwhile Amateurs not only cleared blood tests and medical examinations but were also required to undergo preclearance brain scans to meet the new medical recommendations for 2017.

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See below for the full list of Safe MMA approved fighters for Cage Legacy 2:


Arann Maguire
Hughie Orourke


Adam Darby
Constantin Blanita
Cormac Copeland
Dee Begley
Dillon Manning
Frank Kelly
Ger Harris
Ivan Blanita
Leon Hill
Luke Robbinson
Marco Lunardini
Matthew Whyte
Nahom Wedi
Nathan Brennan
Niall Branigan
Niall English
Ronan Tomnay
Silje Wahl

ACB 54’s international card gets the Safe MMA Green Light

46 professional fighters have been approved by Safe MMA to compete at tonight’s Absolute Championship Berkut 54, as the Russian promotion returns to the UK.

The competitors showcased on ACB’s international card at the Manchester Arena were subject to medical examinations and blood tests for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. For more about ACB go to

See below for the full list of Safe MMA competitors on ACB 54:

Aaron Aby *Pro Wales
Adam Zajac *Pro Poland
Ali Bagov *Pro Russia
Amirkhan Adaev *Pro Russia
Andy DeVent *Pro England
Ashley Reece *Pro England
Aslambek Saidov *Pro Poland
Aurel Pirtea *Pro Romania
Azi Thomas *Pro Wales
Batraz Agnaev *Pro Russia
Brendan Loughnane *Pro England
Bubba Jenkins *Pro USA
Cal Ellenor *Pro England
Chris Bungard *Pro Scotland
Coner Hignett *Pro England
Danny Mitchell *Pro England
David Mitchell *Pro USA
Dean Garnett *Pro England
Declan Williams *Pro England
Eden Newton *Pro England
Gaz Corran *Pro England
Iain Feenan *Pro Scotland
Ibragim Chuzhigaev *Pro Russia
Ion Pascu *Pro Ireland
James Lewis *Pro England
Javonne Morrison *Pro England
Jenaid Ebanks *Pro England
Joshua Aveles *Pro USA
Kane Mousah *Pro England
Lewis Monarch *Pro England
Luke Barnatt *Pro England
Mamed Khalidov *Pro Poland
Marcin Prostko *Pro England
Max Nunes *Pro Sweden
Michael Tobin *Pro Australia
Michael Wilkinson *Pro England
Mukhumat Vakhaev *Pro Russia
Murad Kalamov *Pro Russia
Nam Phan *Pro USA
Niko Gjoka *Pro England
Rakhman Dzhanaev *Pro Russia
Rob Whiteford *Pro Scotland
Saul Rogers *Pro England
Shaun Hampton *Pro England
Shoaib Yousaf *Pro England
Tanner Boser *Pro Canada

Cage Warriors 81

42 Competitors Cleared for Cage Warriors Super Fight Night

Cage Warriors broke records tonight as 28 fighters met the Safe MMA Plus standard in Ireland, while 14 were medically cleared by Safe MMA to compete in Wales for one dual super night of bouts.

In compliance with Irish Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association criteria, 14 professionals and 14 amateurs competing at Cage Warriors 81 in Dublin met Safe MMA Plus enhanced requirements that include brain scans for all, and also ophthalmology tests for pro’s.

Meanwhile, those competing on a parallel event in Newport, “Cage Warriors Wales Academy”, also received third party medical clearance via Safe MMA.

See below for the full list of Cage Warriors competitors that were approved for competition tonight by Safe MMA:

Cage Warriors 81:

Arnold Quero
Blaine O’Driscoll
Catherine Costigan
Darren O’Gorman
Eric Nolan
Håkon Foss
Joseph McColgan
Josh Clark
Karl Moore
Maciej Gierszewski
Marcin Zembala
Martyn Harris
Romain Bidet
Wendy McKenna

Adam Darby
Alex Brophy
Alexander Yankov
Austin Lynch
Colm O’Regan
Francis Treacy
Gary Coffey
Ivan Blanita
Leon Hill
Makinde Adeyemi
Mark Gallivan
Mateusz Kopyto
Pawel Politylo
Stephen Treacy

Cage Warriors Academy Wales

Aaron Khalid
Alexandros Gerolymatos
Craig Bale
Damo Weeden
Dan Good
Daniel Hodor
Ethan Charlesworth
Gracjan Bak
Jack Shore
Joe Orrey
Josh Ellis
Nathan Ford
Phil Wells
Richard Williams

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Bellator BAMMA

Competitors for Bellator 173 & BAMMA 28 get the Safe MMA green light

All 34 professional fighters competing on last night’s co-event in Belfast, Bellator 173 & BAMMA 28, had medical clearance from Safe MMA.

Besides requiring competitors to meet the basic Safe MMA requirements for medical examinations and blood tests, BAMMA and Bellator stipulated an enhanced clearance standard to include brain scans.

See below for the full list of Safe MMA clear competitors under the two promotions:

Bellator 173

Alex Lohore
Brett McDermott
Colin Fletcher
Iony Razafiarison
James Gallagher
James McErlean
Kirill Medvedovski
Liam McGeary
Shay Walsh
Sinead Kavanagh


Adam Gustab
Andrew Murphy
Andy Young
Damien Lapilus
Daniel Olejniczak
Daniel Rutkowski
Declan Dalton
Dominic Wooding
Glenn Irvine
Jai Herbert
Jonathan Brookins
Jonathan Reid
Keith McCabe
Kyle McClurkin
Niall Smith
Norman Parke
Paul Hughes
Paul Redmond
Rhys McKee
Ronnie Mann
Stephen Kilifin
Steve Owens
Tim Barnett
Will Fleury


BCMMA 18 gets Safe MMA Approval

Safe MMA has confirmed all 12 professional fighters competing at British Challenge Mixed Martial Arts 18 tonight as medically cleared. The event took place at the Colchester Hall in Essex, under the guidelines of the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

With the final clearance examinations taking place on site, all fighters passed Safe MMA’s standardised medical and blood tests prior to competing.

See below for the full list of competitors medically approved to compete at BCMMA 18:

Bryony Tyrell
Corrin Eaton
Dominic Dillon
Emerik Youmbi
Emrah Sonmez
James Webb
Kate Jackson
Kerry Hughes
Mitchell Head
Sean Carter
Walid Jabri
Zarah Fairn Dos Santos
For more information about BCMMA visit:

Safe MMA Clears All Professional Fighters for Cage Warriors 80

Safe MMA has confirmed that all professional fighters booked for tonight’s Cage Warriors 80 are medically approved to compete. The event is underway at the Indigo at the O2 in London.

In addition to competitors passing the standard Safe MMA medical examination and blood tests for blood borne viruses, Cage Warriors has also stipulated that they undergo brain scans and specialist eye tests.

See below for the full list of Safe MMA fighters competing at Cage Warriors 80:

Aiden Lee
Alexander Jacobsen
Anthony Dizy
Arvydas Jûska
Brad Wheeler
Craig White
Declan McAleenen
Djati Mélan
Fabien Gallinaro
Karl Amoussou
Martin Stapleton
Matt Inman
Thomas Robertsen
Thomas Terdjman
Tim Wilde
Warren Kee

For more about Cage Warriors 80 visit:

Cage Legacy Amateurs First to Meet Safe MMA Plus Standard

Safe MMA confirmed this afternoon that all 16 amateur athletes competing at “Cage Legacy Fight Night: Drogheda” tonight in Ireland are medically cleared to the Safe MMA Plus standard.

All competitors have undergone one-off, pre-clearance MRI scans of the brain following new guidelines recommended by the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association.

The event raises the bar for fighter safety as the first to meet the newly advised medical protocol for amateur MMA competitors in Ireland for 2017.

See below for the full list of competitors medically cleared to compete by Safe MMA:

Adam Nowak
Ciarán Clarke
Darren O’Brien
Daryl Clarke
Dean Martin
Elliot Levy
Gheorghe Plamadeala
Jack Maguire
John Mitchell
Leon Hill
Nathan Kelly
Niall Hanley
Paul Healy
Pawel Politylo
Ronan Butler
Ryan Spillane

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