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What does every athlete participating in an IMMAF Youth (U18’s) event need to do?

Have a doctor’s medical examination


When do this examination need to be done?

The medical examination needs to be within 12 months of the last day of competition


What form need to be used?

The medical examination needs to be documented on the 5 page Annual Medical Examination form (*link above)


How must medical forms be submitted?

  1. through the team Medical Safety Lead
  2. by email to
  3. in PDF form, ideally one complete PDF per athlete


Who is the team Medical Safety Lead?

Each team has a nominated ‘single point of contact’ through whom we expect to receive all medical forms, and to whom we provide all relevant information and updates – the role is purely administrative; no previous medical knowledge or experience is required


When do medical forms need to be submitted?

Generally the deadline is 2 weeks before the start of competition, and exact dates for each tournament are given in the Competition Handbook, under ‘Section 22 – Medical Clearance’


When do we advise that medical forms should be submitted?

We strongly suggest that medical forms are submitted at least one week before the deadline, so that any omissions or mistakes can be addressed without the risk of Late admin fees


What happens if a deadline is missed?

If correct and complete medical forms have not been received by the deadline, Late admin fees will need to be paid – these start at £20 per athlete, though can escalate to £40 (if forms and/or Late admin fees are still outstanding more that one week past the deadline), and then to £80 (if forms and/or Late admin fees are still outstanding within 2 days of the start of competition)


Why Late admin fees?

These have been found to be necessary in focusing attention on the importance of complying with deadlines. The only other way we could effectively do the work we do with the resources we have would be to raise fees for everyone, or remove athletes from the tournament if deadlines are missed. To be clear, these are not intended to generate revenue – we would be delighted if not a single Late admin fee was ever incurred!


What if I have any other questions, comments or suggestions?

Just email us!…